About MTS Enterprises

MTS Enterprises is a creative and innovative sister company of MTS Printers. We specialise in textile printing,
supply and delivery of a wide range of promotional items and Protective Clothing and corporate uniform.
Our state of the art textile factory can print over 20, 000 units in a 6 hour shift with ease. Need 1, 000 helmets and overalls for a construction project?
Done! How about 5, 000 branded calendars to promote your business, or branded pens to pass on as gifts to your clients? No Problem!
We are experts in this field of sourcing and supply, we are ready to solve any marketing dilemma you may have. MTS Enterprise is here for you.

The only high volume Mosotho owned textile printing company in Lesotho. We specialise in supply of stationery, paper, promotional items, protective Clothing and corporate uniform. We are experts in this field of sourcing and supply. MTS is a 100% Mosotho owned company with an extensive experience in doing business in Lesotho and internationally. Our motto is quality first, quantity after we pride ourselves in providing quality service and product to our customers.






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Team of MTS Enterprises

MTS Enterprise management team is comprised of 4 individuals with many years of corporate and business experience. MTS is made up of 3 Co-Founders in Mr Thabiso Mothabeng who also doubles as MD, Ms Maliengoane Mothabeng Co-Founder and CEO. Ms Malau Mpeile Co-Founder and COO and Marketing. And a young driven Khashole Tumelo as Maintanance and IT specialist.

Mothabeng Thabiso

Founder and MD

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Mr Thabiso Mothabeng is a seasoned businessman who has been running a successful transport operation sisnce 1999 at which time he left Lesotho Telecommunications Corporation. Prior to the establishment of Mountain Textile Screen Printrs (MTS) in 1999 he benefited from three years hands-on experience in the art of textile printing. The eminent success of MTS under his direct supervision and management bears testimony to his invaluable experience in the field of textile printing and his considerable business acumen. To quench his thirst for continued knowledge in the field of textile printing and the need for technological advancement, he found it worthwhile to attend overseas training and Trade Exhibitions. In 2008 Thabiso set his sights on Sandstone mining and supply by teaming up with a local business and formed Mountain Sandstone Mining (MSM) which from his presence has grown to be a known adversary in the sandstone manufacturing league.

Mothabeng Sylvia

Founder and CEO

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Ms Maliengoane Mothabeng has a background in Medical Science research and has presented her work at both national and international congresses. She started her career in technical support as an Application Specialist for international in vitro diagnostic (IVD) companies. She later moved to a sales position within the same industry and has been Key Account manager. Locally, she has also worked for the Ministry of Health Lesotho. With the vast experiencing in working within international companies, she has possessed a lot of global business experience with adds value within the MTS team. Her keenness to strive for excellence and her driven nature has helped her achieve great success in all the positions that she has held. As a team member, She is a very strong backbone of a company as she is always looking forwad to its success. By applying her skills in leading the team of technology in printing and suppling of all other stuff listed ubove

Malau Mpeile

Chief Operational Officer & Marketing

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MRS Mpeile Malau as onother founder and Chief Operations Officer since 1999. She is a professional with extensive experience in human resources administration, sales and Marketing. A highly organised and efficient individual, whose thorough and precise approach to projects has yielded excellent results. Recent achievements include the implementations of a human resources policy manual. Ms Mpeile Malau is a seasoned peer in the manufacturing business. She has been with this company more than a decade and has worked at most departments within the business. This has provided her with an intense technical knowledge of the business as well as the value of team work. She has a sociable personality making that has created a very strong bond with her team. This has helped her in her role in managing operations and she has enjoyed great success in her role.

Khashole Tumelo

Maintanance and IT

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A young man joince a team as an intelligent and presentable, with an out-going likeble personality and an ablility to work effectively as part of a team as well on own initiative. He possess a fresh, moderm approach to the IT industry, and employ creative and enthusiastic methods to problem solving. Two of his strongest points are firstly the ablility to transfer his own knowledge and understanding to fellow team colligues and secondly his competency in being able to use a variety of key software packages to a high standard of accuracy. He is a determined individual who sees tasks through to the end whilst planning and organising activities to meet timelines. With his good communication with people at all levels and get them to visualise his intentions. He is always enjoying the challenges and work well under pressure, his other strengths are a strong commitment to customer services and attention to details