This company owns three buildings of five hundred and twenty- five square meters, sixty square meters and newly built four hundred and fifty square meters.

Printing Machines

With three automatic 8 & 10 color printing machines and 6 semi automatic printing machines that are fully operational, MTS has the capacity to handle and process with ease any huge and urgent orders at any given time. The machines have the following operational specifications.

Automatic Machines (both well-known brands in the world).
•    1400 units per hour (each machine)
•    10 and 8 color printers respectively
•    Printing area of 55 x 45 cm & 45 x 45 cm respectively.
•    300 units / hour each machine
•    Five (Six color) machines.
•    Printing Area of 90 x 60 cm


Mountain Textile Screen Printers  boasts of the best printing facilities available in the market and this has ensured that the company should handle any printing work no matter how complex it may look.

Graphics Studio

Qualified and experienced artists run our fully computerized Graphics Studio using the latest version of Photo Shop and Corel Draw. Customer’s designs and artwork can either be traced or with regard to the specifications and requirements of the customers we can produce from scratch our own design.  Customers can also e-mail their ideas from which we can produce samples for their scrutiny and approval.

Dark Room

Positives (transparencies) produced in the Graphics Studio are processed and exposed in the Dark Room onto the screens using the latest technology of Pin Registration system to speed up the registration of the printing machines.

All the equipment used includes Roller frames, which are known to be the best in the printing world.

Ink Mixing

We mix our own ink using the highest quality inks in the world such as, amongst others, the Union, Rutland and stretchable Water Based inks. We are therefore able to make any kind of shades / colors following the latest Color Matching Systems. Our color mixing personnel are highly qualified and experienced, and can meet any color specifications as required by our customers.
It is important to note that we keep in file manual and computerized ink mixing specification records of all the printing jobs that we do for the very crucial purpose of future reference if the need from any customer for the exact repeat of such jobs may arise.

Quality Control

All our printed units are thorough checked for faults immediately after each print and curing, before being taken directly to Quality Department to check that every print meets.
I)    The MTS Print Quality Standards which include the sharpness of the print and fineness of the edges and,
II)    The Customer Print Quality Requirements

Collection, Despatch and Delivery

We collect and deliver all orders within the radius of 100 km from Maseru. Collection and delivery to the more remote areas can also be made per arrangement with customers and reasonable transport fees are changed.

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